Genetically altering humans to be allergic to and not eat meat?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has suggested genetically modifying people to become “allergic to consuming meat” as part of a plan to combat global warming. In a 2016 lecture, Dr. Matthew Liao, a WEF bioethicist, proposed genetically engineering humans to be smaller and intolerant to meat, making them sick or even die upon consumption. Liao acknowledged his own love for meat and discussed the use of human engineering to induce intolerance to certain meats. He also suggested using eugenics or hormone injections to shrink humans and reduce resource consumption. Despite appearing extreme, Liao’s ideas are taken seriously by entities like WEF and the Gates Foundation. His proposals align with the WEF’s discussions on a ‘Planetary Health Diet’ during the 2021 Davos Summit, aiming to shift towards plant-based diets and alternative protein sources like lab-grown meat.

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