Biden’s firm stance on consequences of exploitation of humanitarian aid by Hamas #biden #politics

📊 Title: Biden’s firm stance on consequences of exploitation of humanitarian aid by Hamas #biden #politics

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Israel has announced that it will permit Egypt to deliver limited humanitarian aid, including water, food, and other supplies, to the Gaza Strip. This decision marks a significant development following a 10-day siege on Gaza. The siege became more critical after a deadly explosion at al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City, with conflicting claims about its cause. Hamas initially blamed an Israeli airstrike, which Israel denied, instead attributing it to a rocket misfire by the militant group Islamic Jihad, a claim disputed by Islamic Jihad.

As a result of the siege, medical supplies in Gaza were running critically low, and many families faced the risk of starvation. U.S. President Joe Biden, during his visit to Israel, announced that Egypt’s president had agreed to open the crossing and allow an initial group of 20 trucks with humanitarian aid to enter Gaza. However, this aid delivery is contingent on Hamas not confiscating it, and the aid is expected to begin moving on Friday, pending road repairs at the Gaza-Egypt border.

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